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3-Ply Face Masks – 50 Pack

R 99.00

Keep you and your family safe with FDA and CE approved 3-Ply Face Masks. This face mask protects against fluid and droplets with its ability to filter up to 99% of bacteria, dust, smoke, and pollen.

JZIKI Pulse Oximeter Fingertip Blood Oxygen Monitor|LED Display

R 199.00

Monitor your pulse rate and pulse oxygen saturation with the JZIKI Pulse Oximeter Fingertip Blood Oxygen Monitor with LED Display. It features a LED display, a PR Measuring range of up to 250bpm and an accuracy range of ±2% when Sp02 is between 70% and 100%.

KN95 Civilian Face Mask Box – 25 Units

R 129.00

Stay safe from chemicals, dust and airborne diseases with the KN95 Civilian Face Mask. It features a comfortable and breathable design which fits you perfectly while providing great protection.