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GIZZU 12V Male to Female Extender 2.5mm Power Cable for GUP45W and GUP36W

R 49.00
The Gizzu 12V Male to Female DC 2.5mm Power Extender Cable is a great way to provide power to a

GIZZU 12V Male to Male Extender 2.5mm Power Cable for GUP45W and GUP36W

R 49.00

Transfer 12V of power with the Gizzu 12V Male to Male DC 2.5mm Power Extender Cable. It is a male to male extender cable with two 2.5mm DC connectors on either side and is 1.2 meters in length.

OEM Pigtail Male Plug With Block 30cm 10 Pack

R 89.00
  • DC Male Pigtail
  • External diameter of the plug: 5.5mm
  • Internal diameter of the plug: 2.1mm
  • Block: 30cm

PWR Dedicated to 3 Headed Cable 3.8m

R 99.00
Tri Head Power Cable 3.8m-Standard computer power cable with 3-prong dedicated plug on one end and 3 x kettle plug

PWR Dedicated to Clover and Kettle Cable 2.8m

R 79.00

Power your desktop and notebook at the same time with the OEM Power to Clover/Kettle Plug Cable. It features a power cable that splits into a kettle and clover plug and is great for saving space with multiple devices that need power.

PWR Dedicated to Single Headed Kettle Cable 1.8m

R 49.00
  • IEC Lead
  • 1.8M Long
  • With PT15 dedicated plug
  • IEC socket
  • In Black Full P/N: 16D(RD)-IEC 0.75X3 BK L:1, 800, 10A @ 250VAC